Top 10 Pokemon Break Card List

Hello everyone, today we’re going to be taking a look at our Top Ten Pokemon BREAK List. Pokemon BREAK is a new mechanic in the Pokemon TCG introduced in the XY Breakthrough set.

When Pokemon BREAK are evolved, they are played sideways over their previous stage, covering the illustration of the Pokemon, providing it with an HP boost and an additional attack or Ability, while also being able to use the attacks, abilities, and all other stats of the previous stage.

#10 Delphox BREAK
Coming in at number 10 is Delphox BREAK. Paired with Delphox XY, this card makes a great support Pokemon for any fire deck. Delphox XY has the Ability Mystical Fire, allowing you to draw until you have six cards in your hand once per turn, while the BREAK has the Ability Flare Witch, allowing you to search your deck for a fire energy and attach it to one of your Pokemon once per turn. This is great for accelerating energy for your Pokemon and drawing the cards you need from your deck. This card is fun and awesome for any fire deck, give it a try!
#9 Raticate BREAK

Raticate BREAK is such a great card to play around with. For two colorless energy, the attack Super Fang puts damage counters on the defending Pokemon until its remaining HP is 10. Our favorite Pokemon to pair this with is Raticate from Breakpoint and Ariados from Ancient Origins. Ariados has the Ability Poison Nest, poisoning both active Pokemon, but Raticate has the Ability Antibodies, making it immune to all special conditions. Combo this with Super Fang, and you will be able to knock out any Pokemon in the game!
#8 Bronzong BREAK

Bronzong from Phantom Forces is already a great card, so allowing it to evolve into a BREAK Pokemon makes it that much better. Bronzong Break has the Ability Metal Links, allowing you to attach a metal energy from your discard pile to one of your benched Pokemon once per turn. This is a great way to get energy on board, as if you have more than one Bronzong in play, you will be able to power up any Pokemon with Metal energy right away. Bronzong BREAK is able to abuse this Ability with its attack Metal Rain, allowing you to discard as many metal energy attached to Bronzong. For each energy discarded this way, you may do 30 damage to one of your opponents Pokemon, giving you the option of spreading damage to all of your opponents Pokemon or doing a lot of damage to one Pokemon.

#7 Chesnaught BREAK

Chesnaught Break is one of the first Pokemon BREAK to be printed, so it isn’t one of the strongest, but it is still one of our favorites. This card is great for a casual deck, as a stage two Pokemon with 190 HP is a fun thing to mess around with.
Floette from the Flashfire set gives each of your grass Pokemon +20 HP, and with four on the bench, you can bring
Chesnaught BREAKS HP all the way up to 270!
#6 Raichu BREAK

Raichu Break is one of everyone’s favorite Pokemon, so it’s no wonder it made it onto our list! Raichu from the XY set is already a strong card, with the attack Circle Circuit. Circle Circuit does 20 damage times the number of your benched Pokemon, and if your pair this with the Stadium card Skyfield, you can do up to 160 damage! If your stadium is replaced, you might have a hard time knocking out Pokemon EX, so that’s where the BREAK comes in. For one electric energy and two colorless, you may use the attack Grand Bolt, doing 170 damage but discarding all energy attached to Raichu BREAK. Add a Muscle Band and you’ll be able to knock out almost any Pokemon EX in the game!

Lugia Break looks like it needs a lot of energy to attack, but with cards like Max Elixir, Double Colorless Energy, and Bronzong PHF, you can power this guy up in no time. Flash of Destruction deals 150 damage at the cost of discarding two energy, but with Muscle Band, we can bring that up to 170 damage. Being able to knock out Pokemon EX with a non Pokemon EX is a great way to win games, as it makes it harder for your opponent to keep up in prizes as they are only taking one for a knock out while you on the other hand are taking two.