Top 10 Pokemon Break Card List

Part Two!

#4 Carbink BREAK

Carbink BREAK is one of the more interesting BREAKS we have seen. For one energy, the attack Diamond Gift attaches two Enegy cards from your discard pile to one of your fighting Pokemon. This allows you to attach special energy cards such as Double Colorless Energy and Strong Energy, making it a great Pokemon to accelerate energy. Zygarde EX is a great partner for Carbink, giving you an extra boost to the tool Power Memory, allowing you to do over 200 damage with Strong Energy.
#3 Zoroark BREAK

Zoroark from Breakthrough is already a great card on its own, and with an awesome BREAK, it gets even better. The Ability Stand In allows you to switch Zoroark with your active Pokemon if it is on your bench(once per turn), giving you a free switch effect when paired with Float Stone. For two colorless energy, the attack Mind Jack does 30 damage for each of your opponents benched Pokemon, eating up huge Pokemon like M Rayquaza EX who relies on having a large amount of benched Pokemon. Zoroark Break has the attack Foul Play, copying any of the defending Pokemons attacks for just one dark energy. This can make your opponent think twice about having a Pokemon with a strong attack in the active spot, and you could also use cards like Lysandre and Pokemon Catcher to control which of your opponents Pokemon’s attacks you would like to copy.

#2 Trevenant BREAK
Trevenant from the XY set has an amazing ability Forest’s Curse, preventing your opponent from playing all trainer cards while Trevenant is in the active spot. If you go first, it is possible to lock your opponent down turn one with the Supporter card Wally. The downside to this has always been Trevenants low HP, but with the BREAK bringing it up to 160 HP, it has gotten a whole lot better. For one pyschic and one colorless energy, the attack Silent Fear places 3 damage counters on each of your opponents Pokemon. This damage can stack up really fast, as most times your opponents will have a hard time keeping up under such a fast trainer lock. The stadium Dimension Valley reduces the cost of its attack down to just one psychic energy, allowing you to set up more than one Trevenant with ease.
#1 Greninja BREAK
Coming in at number one we have Greninja BREAK! This BREAK does not have an attack, but the Ability Giant Water Shuriken more than makes up for it. Once during your turn, if Greninja BREAK is your active Pokemon, you may discard a water energy from your hand to place six damage counters on any of your opponents active Pokemon. Our Greninja of choice as a main attack would be Greninja from the Breakpoint set. For one energy, the attack Shadow Stitching does 40 damage and shuts off all of your opponents Abilities on your opponents next turn. This lock can prevent an opponent from recovering from knock outs, as they will not be able to use cards like Shaymin EX to draw the cards they need to set up. This is one of the best and strongest cards in the game, making it an easy pick for our number one spot.