Top 10 Best New Cards in Fates Collide!

Hey there everyone, today we’re going to take a look at the upcoming Pokemon tcg set: Fates Collide. With the sets release date right around the corner, we’re going to take a look at our top ten favorite cards from this set. These cards are in no particular order, so with that being said, let’s dive right in!


#1 Mew 29/124

First up, we’ll be taking a look at the new Mew card. Much like Mew-EX, this Mew let’s you copy an attack with it’s ability “Memories of Dawn”, but it must be off of your own basic Pokemon, whereas Mew-EX let you copy the attack of any Pokemon in play. The first deck that comes to mind for this card is the Night March deck. Pair this card with Dimension Valley, and you’ll be Night Marching your way to victory with this non-ex attacker.


#2 Zygarde-EX 54/124

At 190HP, this fighting type EX is going to pack a punch at upcoming events. With three attacks to choose from, Zygarde-EX has lots of support to back it up. Cards you can easily pair with Zygarde-EX are Fighting Stadium, Strong Energy, Regirock-EX, Hawlucha FFI, and the new Power Memory card made just for Zygarde-EX. For just two energy, you can start attacking for 100+ damage turn two, making this a huge threat to anybody’s deck.


#3 Alakazam-EX 25/124 & M Alakazam-EX

Since these two cards interact with each other in a special way, we decided to take a look at both of these at the same time. Alakazam’s ability Kinesis allows you to place two damage counters on the opponents active Pokemon and three damage counters on a benched Pokemon when you evolve into M Alakazam-EX. M Alakazam’s Zen Force attack does 10 damage, plus 30 more damage for each damage counter on your opponents active Pokemon. Pair this up with Crobat PHF, and you’ll be doing huge amounts of damage to your opponents active Pokemon!


#4 Regirock-EX 43/124

As mentioned earlier, Regirock-EX is here to give your active fighting Pokemon the support it needs. Just for being on the bench, Regirock-EX’s ability Regi Power adds 10 more damage to your active fighting Pokemon’s attacks(excluding Regirock-EX). Since the card does not say otherwise, these abilities do stack onto each other, meaning it’s possible to add 40 damage to your Pokemon’s attacks with four Regirock-EX’s on your bench. Paired up with Fighting Stadium and Strong Energy, Regirock-EX is here to bring fighting decks back into the meta.


#5 Marowak 37/124

Marowak is another card in this set that will make a great addition to Night March decks. It’s ability “Bodyguard” prevents any effects of attacks done to you or your hand(we’re looking at you Seismitoad-EX). Being under Seismitoad-EX’s Quaking Punch, you are not allowed to play items, allowing your opponent to slowly chip away at your Pokemon while you sit there not able to do a thing about it. Marowak allows you to play your trainer cards normally, allowing you to stream knock out after knock out against Seismitoad-EX decks.

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#6 Carbink 49/124 & 50/124

Don’t let these little guys catch you off guard! They might be small and cute, but their abilities are no joke. We’ll start off by taking a look at Carbink with “Energy Keeper”. This ability protects your basic energy attached to your basic Pokemon from all effects of attacks, abilities, and trainer cards. Tired of all your energy being knocked off by Crushing Hammer? Slap this guy in your deck and worry no more. The other Carbink in the set has the SafeGuard ability, preventing all effects of attacks, including damage done to Carbink by your opponents Pokemon-EX. If an opponent runs all EX’s in their deck, they’re going to have a hard time getting past this guy, and an even harder time getting past multiples. Being a basic with just one retreat cost, these are great as they are splashable in almost any deck.


#7 Umbreon-EX 55/124

Having a hard time dealing with Mega based decks? Look no further, Umbreon-EX is here to save the day. For just one dark and two colorless, Umbreon-EX can use it’s attack End Game. End game states if you knock out an opponents Mega Pokemon with this attack, you take an addition TWO prize cards! That is nuts, and will definitely catch people off guard. With the right energy accelerators, you can power him up in one turn to deliver a devastating game ending attack. This card will make a great addition to any dark deck, so watch out if you’re running those megas!


#8 Glaceon-EX 20/124

Oh look, another Eeveelution! Last set(Generations), we were give Jolteon-EX, whose attack prevents all effects, including damage done to Jolteon-EX by your opponents basic Pokemon. Glaceon-EX on the other hand, is the opposite. Glaceons Crystal Ray attack prevents all of effects of attacks, including damage done to Glaceon-EX by your opponents evolved Pokemon. This could be trouble for decks like Flareon/Vespiqueen, as they rely on evolving to do any sort of damage. If timed correctly, this attack is sure to win you some games.


#9 M Audino-EX 85/124

I know what you’re thinking. “M Audino-EX, really???” This card is not getting the credit it deserves in my opinion. For three colorless energy, you hit for for 110, plus an additional 50 damage to an opponents benched Pokemon if you played a supporter that turn. This is the perfect number to tear night march apart. Seeing as all Night March decks run heavy counts of Shaymin-EX, using Lysandre on one gets you a knock out and can possibly knock out a benched Joltik, giving you three prizes in one turn. It’s not the best card in the set, but it’s definitely something I’d give a shot.


#10 N 105/124

He’s back and ready to shake up the standard format. With N being out of the format, players who are behind in games tend to have a harder time catching up to lost prize counts due to poor hand disruption in the current meta. Playing N while behind allows you to refresh your hand while hopefully crippling your opponents. A perfectly timed late game N can grant you the ability to sweep your opponents field if they can’t draw out of it. This will be a staple in every deck, as the effect is just too good to pass up on.