Top 10 Best Rare Pokemon EX Cards List

Hello fellow Pokemon players! Today we’re going to take a look at some of the best Pokemon EX in the game. If you find yourself trying to keep up with your friends, or if you simply just don’t know where to start, look no further! These are some of the most competitive cards in the format, and will be sure to give your deck that extra kick it needs to lead you to victory. So let’s dive right in and take a look at our top 10 best Pokemon EX cards.

#10 Wailord EX
Coming in at number 10 with a whopping 250HP, Wailord-EX! You might be thinking to yourself, “Five water energy to attack? Only 120 damage, AND I go to sleep? This card is terrible!”. We’re here to show you otherwise. This may come as a surprise, but Wailord-EX can beat some of the best decks out there without ever attacking. The strategy being Wailord-EX is simple: keep Wailord-EX alive and win! If your opponent can’t knock out your Wailord-EX with one hit, they’re going to have a tough time taking it down. With continuous healing effects, like Max Potion, Rough Seas, Cassius, and AZ, your opponents will find themselves wasting valuable resources trying to take you down. Slap on a Fighting Fury Belt and you’re tanking with a 290HP balloon!
#9 Mewtwo-EX
Not only is this card playable in almost any deck, but it’s Mewtwo! With an attack that only cost two of any energy, you won’t have a hard time squeezing him into any deck you already have built. Mewtwo-EX‘s X-Ball attack does 20 damage times the number of energy attached to itself and the opponents active Pokemon, allowing you to catch your opponents off guard by benching him and attaching a Double Colorless Energy to him on the same turn. On average you’ll be attacking your opponent’s active for 80 to 100 damage, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider him for your deck.
#8 Mew-EX
If you were to remove Mew-EX‘s attack, it would still be on our top 10 list. Mew-EX has the Ability Versatile, allowing you to copy any attack of any Pokemon on the field as long as you have the required energy for it. Pair this up with Dimension Valley, and you’ll be able to use any attack for one less colorless energy. The most popular partners for Mew-EX are the Night Marchers Joltik and Pumkaboo. For just one energy, you can copy Joltik‘s attack and Night March for just one energy!
#7 Manectric-EX
Coming in at number 7, we have Manectric-EX. Manectric may look underwhelming, but pair it with the right cards, and you’ll be hitting like truck in no time. For one energy, you can use the attack Overrun, allowing you to hit your opponent’s active Pokemon for 20 damage, and one of their benched Pokemon for an additional 20 damage. This attack isn’t bad, but Assault Laser is where the real damage comes in. Most decks play tools like Muscle Band and Fighting Fury Belt, allowing you to Assault Laser for a whopping 120 damage. Your opponent might try to play around this by not attaching a tool, but we can still find ways to hit Assault Lasers maximum damage output. If your opponent’s active Pokemon is an EX, you can slap a Head Ringer on it, denying them the ability to attack next turn while you dish out high amounts of damage. This is the perfect card for anybody looking to build an electric deck.

#6 Jolteon-EX
We all love Eeveelutions, so we were thrilled when we found out that
Jolteon-EX was ready to take over the meta.
Jolteon-EX‘s second attack is what makes it such a powerful card. For one electric and two colorless, you hit for 70 and prevent all of effects of attacks, including damage done to him by all basic Pokemon. Unless your opponent plays Pokemon that evolve, this card alone can take knock out after knock out without ever taking a hit. If your opponent can’t find a way to deal with this attack, you’re almost guaranteed to win games with this Pokemon-EX alone.