Top 10 Best Rare Pokemon EX Cards List

Part two!

Jirachis_Ex With most decks being able to abuse the power of Double Colorless Energy and tools like Muscle Band and Fighting Fury belt, Giratina-EX is here to keep these cards in check. Giratina-EX‘s attack Chaos Wheel hits for 100 damage and prevents your opponent from playing special energy, tools, and stadium cards on their next turn. Some decks rely solely on special energy, so if you can get this attack going turn two, you are almost guaranteed to automatically win certain matches. The ability Renegade Pulse is also really good, allowing him to prevent all effects of attacks, including damage done to him by your opponent’s Mega Pokemon-EX. This Pokemon alone can be the answer to a lot of top tier decks, and will definitely make your opponent struggle if they rely on special energy, stadiums, tools, and Mega Pokemon-EX.
seismitoad_ex With one of the lowest HP’s on an EX in the game (90HP), don’t let that scare you from playing one Jirachi-EX in almost every one of your decks. This card is used for it’s ability Stellar Guidance, allowing you to search your deck for any supporter card when it is played from your hand to the bench. This ability has helped me more times than I can count, allowing me to search out supporters like Ghetsis for the turn one disruption, or by simply letting me search out a draw supporter like Professor Juniper, Professor Sycamore, N, and Colress. With four Ultra Ball being played in almost any deck, this card basically allows you to use those ultra balls to search out any supporter of your choice, giving you that edge you need to get what you want when you need it.

YveltalEXXY79 Ever since it was printed, Seismitoad-EX has managed to dominate the meta with its attack Quaking Punch. For just a Double Colorless Energy, Quaking Punch does 30 damage and prevents your opponent from playing any item cards on his or her next turn. This can be devastating, as some decks heavily rely on item cards to get their decks going. This attack can deny players from ever getting an attack off, letting you slowly punch your way to victory. With only being able to do 30 damage, you might think this attack isn’t that strong, but there are ways to add damage to this attack real quick. Paired with cards like Muscle Band, Hypnotoxic Laser, and Virbank City Gym, you will often find yourself item locking your opponent turn one while doing 80 damage with poison and possibly putting them to sleep. If your opponent can’t retreat or manages to stay asleep coming into your turn, you’ll be able to knock out almost any Pokemon-EX, putting them at 190 damage on turn two. Want to make this guy even more annoying? If played with cards like Crushing Hammer, Enhanced Hammer, and Team Flare Grunt, you can deny your opponent from ever getting an attack off, making it even harder to Knock out this Pokemon.
077 Coming in at number one, we have the best card in the format, Shaymin-EX! If this card isn’t already in your deck, there’s almost no reason not to play it. The ability Set-Up is one of the best in the game, allowing you to draw until you have six cards in your hand without even playing a supporter card. With multiple Shaymin-EX in your deck, you can draw up to half of your deck on your first turn, allowing for some explosive starts. Ultra Ball is Shaymin-EX‘s best friend, allowing you to search for it while lowering your hand size at the same time to maximize the amount of cards you draw with it. Doing so lets you dig for that one card you might need to win the game, with your chances increasing if you happen to draw into more Ultra Balls or Shaymin-EX. Again, if you aren’t already playing this card in your deck, there is almost no reason not to.