Top 10 Best Rare Mega Pokemon EX Cards List

Hey everyone, today we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite Mega Pokemon EX. Mega evolution is a temporary transformation affecting Pokemon, raising HP, attack, and making them stronger as a whole.

Mega Pokemon were introduced to the Pokemon Trading Card Game in the XY Base Set, and the way they work in the TCG is definitely unique. Normally when you evolve into a Pokemon, you can continue on with your turn as normal, but that is not always the case with Mega Pokemon EX. When you evolve into a Mega Pokemon EX, your turn ends unless you have the matching Spirit Link tool attached to your Pokemon. With that being said, let’s take a look at our top 10 Best Mega Evolution EX List.

#10 M Venusaur EX
Mega Venusaur EX is one of the first Mega Pokemon EX to be printed, making it one of the more rare. The art on this card is fantastic, and the attack is also a fun one to use. Crisis Vine does 120 damage, poisons, and paralyzes the opponents active Pokemon. If they don’t have a way to switch from the active spot, you will most likely be able to knock that Pokemon out on the next turn as long as it has no more than 240HP.
#9 M Blastoise EX
Along with Mega Venusaur EX, M Blastoise EX is also one of the first Mega Pokemon EX to be printed. This card is very rare and collectible, and with the art being so cool, it’s something any Pokemon collector should have in their collection.
#8 M Lucario EX
This card is perfect for any Lucario fan, The art is amazing, and with the high HP and high damage attack, this card makes for a fun deck. For three energy, you do 140 damage and discard an energy attached to the defending Pokemon. Combined with Strong Energy, Fighting Stadium, and Muscle Band, you are attacking for at least a whopping 200 damage!
#7 M Latios EX
At number seven on our list we have M latios EX. This card is great for any dragon deck, with it’s high HP and high damage output, this card is sure to do some damage to any opponent. For three energy you can use M latios‘ attack Sonic Ace, allowing you to do 120 damage to any of your opponents Pokemon at the cost of discarding two energy. Combining this card with other cards like Mega Turbo and Double Dragon Energy, you’ll be sure to be doing high amounts of damage on your second turn.

#6 M Sceptile EX
From the Ancient Origins set, we have M Sceptile EX! M Sceptile EX has one of the best attack of any Mega Pokemon, as it does a high amount of damage with a low energy cost. For two energy, Jagged Saber does 100 damage and allows you to attach up to two grass energy to your benched Pokemon. If you choose to do so, you also heal all damage off of that Pokemon! M Sceptile EX also has the Ancient Trait Theta Stop, which prevents all effects of your opponent’s abilities done to M Sceptile EX. This can come in handy as it prevents all damage counters placed by Pokemon like Crobat PHF and Golbat PHF. This is a great card, go ahead and give it a try in one of your decks!
#5 Primal Groudon EX & Primal Kyogre EX
PrimalGroudon PrimalKyogre
Coming in at number five we have both Primal Groudon EX and Primal Kyogre EX. These cards are great, both have high HP and a great attack. Primal Groudon EX has the ancient trait Omega Barrier, which prevents the effects of all trainer cards(except stadiums and tools) on Primal Groudon EX. This lets you slowly build up your Primal Groudon EX on the bench without worrying about your opponent discarding energies from him or by bringing him up to the active spot. The attack Gaia Volcano has a base damage of 100, and if there is a stadium card in play, you discard it and add on another 100 damage, bringing you up to a total of 200 damage. This attack is knocking out almost any Pokemon EX, and at the same time can cripple your opponents by discarding their stadium cards. Primal Kyogre EX has the ancient trait Alpha Growth, which lets you attach an additional energy card to Primal Kyogre EX whenever you attach one from hand. The attack Tidal storm cost a hefty four energy, but with the ancient trait Growth and cards like Max Elixir and Mega Turbo, you can get this going by turn two. The attack does 150 damage to the opponent’s active Pokemon, plus an additional 30 damage to all of your opponent’s benched Pokemon EX, stacking up lots of damage on your opponents bench.