Top 10 Best Rare Mega Pokemon EX Cards List Part Two

#4 M Mewtwo EX 63/162 & 64/162
MMewtwo63 MMewtwo64
Both of these Mega Pokemon have awesome artwork, and both have a great attack. Dimension Valley works with both of these M Mewtwo EX, allowing you to attack for one less energy. Psychic Infinity does 30 damage times the amount of energy attached to your opponents active Pokemon and M Mewtwo EX, allowing you to hit for loads of damage for a low amount of energy. Vanishing Strike is a three cost attack attack with the help of Dimension Valley, but with the help of Mega Turbo, you can hit for 200 damage on turn two, taking your opponent by surprise. These Mega Pokemon EX are perfect for any Psychic fan.
#3 M Manectric EX
This card is one of the best Mega Pokemon EX, and should be owned by anybody who would like to have a competitive deck. For just two energy, you can use the attack Turbo Bolt, hitting your opponents active Pokemon for 110 damage, and allowing you to attach two basic energy cards from your discard pile onto one of your benched Pokemon. Good cards to power up with this attack are Raikou BKP and other M Manectric EX, all while healing off damage every turn with the help of the Rough Seas stadium, This card is great and should be bought if trying to build a good electric deck.

#2 M Rayquaza EX 61/108 & 76/108
MRay61 MRay76
These cards are just awesome, these are some of the coolest looking Mega Pokemon EX printed by far. Dragon Mega Rayquaza’s Dragon Ascent hits for an insane 300 damage, knocking out any Pokemon in the game. Paired with Reshiram ROS, you can get this attack going in no time. Colorless Mega Rayquaza also has an attack with high damage output. Emerald Break does 30 damage times the amount of benched Pokemon you have, and with the use of the stadium card Sky Field, you can hit for up to 240 damage, knocking out almost any Pokemon EX. Both of these are also great for any collection, be sure to pick these guys up!
#1 M Charizard 69/106 & 13/106
MCHarizard69 MCHarizard13
Charizard is everyone favorites starter, so it’s no wonder he is our number one pick. These cards are just beautiful, a must have for any serious collector. These cards are only getting harder and harder to find, making them one of the more rare Mega Pokemon EX. Our favorite is the dragon version, letting you hit your opponents active Pokemon for 300 damage with its Wild Blaze attack. The downside is having to discard the top five cards of your deck, but if you can kill Pokemon after Pokemon, you should be okay. The fire version is great too, with its attack Crimson Tide doing a whole 300 damage. M Chariazard EX does do 60 damage to itself, but with cards like Pokemon Center Lady, you can heal him on your next turn and keep attacking. Again, these are great for any collector, and would make a great addition to any collection.