Top 10 Best New Pokemon GX Cards List. (Sun and Moon Base Set to Crimson Invasion)

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As the year comes to a close we have had some great Pokemon enter the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The most important ones have been the newly introduced Pokemon GX. Here are the top 10 Pokemon GX of 2017.

Solgaleo GX
One of the more promising cards that came out when GX Pokemon were introduced.
Solgaleo GX has lost its flare since then. Being a power house with a total of 250 Hp and an impressive attack that does 230 damage that pretty much knocks out anything in the format this behemoth was a force to be reckon with. Sadly the cost of 3 energies for its attack made it very difficult to play in the beginning. But then we were introduced to Metagross GX and Rayquaza (guardians rising) which helped out with the energy acceleration. Being a stage 2 Rare Candy is a must for this Pokemon. Sol Burst GX is also a great way to get those 5 energies from your deck and onto your Pokemon in any way. Very useful for setting up a secondary Solgaleo for an attack.
Metagross GX
With all the Fairy decks running around after Worlds 2017 Metagross GX was our answer to them. With its amazing ability Geotech System that lets you get a Metal or Physic Energy form the discard pile an attach it to your active Pokemon this made it a foe to be reckon with. This ability made Solgaleo GX more playable as well. The best combo so far is retreating and using a Max Potion to fully heal this pokemon from death. Algorithm GX is a great move early in the game that lets you get pieces needed to pull off awesome combos.
Turtonator GX

An amazing addition to a great deck. Turtonator GX found its home right along side of Volcanion EX. Being able to increase its attack by 30 for each of Volcanion EX abilities made it possible for Turtanator GX to hit some impressive numbers. Also having Max Elixir to accelerate energy placement is very good. Combined with Starmie (evolutions) to recover energies made it possible to continue its vicious assault. Nitro Tank GX is the best recovery this deck has. Combined with Scorched Earth it makes it very simple to get 5 Fire Energies in the discard.
Silvally GX
One of the newer cards out of Crimson Invasion. Silvally GX brings an interesting ability that is very useful. Gyro Unit lets you retreat your basic pokemon for free. This means your Buzzwole GX, Turtonator GX and Tapu Lele can me moved from harms way. Turbo drive is very useful for setting up pokemon on the bench for an attach next turn. Rebel GX is a great way to punish your opponent for play Bridgette early in the match.
Lycanroc GX

This forgotten Pokemon is making its come back. When it first came out no one really thought it was good. Sadly this is because it came out at the same time that Guzma did. Now thanks to Buzzwole GX and
Zoroark GX this pokemon is getting its time. Bloodthirsty Eyes is an amazing ability that lets you bring up any of your opponents pokemon to the active. This makes it easy to get knock outs on important pokemon.
Golisopod GX
This Pokemon was last seen at Worlds 2017. Sadly this behemoth fell from grace after worlds. Slowly less and less of this pokemon was seen. Until the recent Memphis Regional where this pokemon was able to get second place. Combined with Garbodor and its Garbotoxin Ability that lets it shut off all abilities of all other pokemon this made it a force to be reckoned with. First Impression for a single energy doing 120 damage is insane but it must be brought up to the active to do this attack. That is fairly easy to do with Float Stone, Tapu Koko and Guzma. Crossing Cut GX is a great way to get this pokemon out of your active and continue your retreat attack strategy.
Buzzwole GX
This power house pokemon has an amazing first attack. Jet Punch for a single energy is doing 30 to the active and to a bench pokemon. Combined with Strong Energy and Fighting Fury Belt this pokemon can do a total of 60 damage to the active. Absorption GX is amazing early game to get a massive knock out when it counts. Sadly this attack does cost 3 Fighting energies to pull off but that is easily fixed with Max Elixir. Also making it a Basic fighting pokemon it makes it possible to search it out with Brooklet Hill.
Zoroark GX
The only good GX to come out of Shining Legends. Zoroark has made a name for itself. With an awesome ability called Trade this lets you go through your deck and get the cards that you need. Riotous Beating for a Double Colorless energy makes this an amazing attacking pokemon. You can throw Zoroark GX with any pokemon but its best fit so far has been Decidueye GX. Being able to discard things you don’t need to get your Rare Candy, Ultra Ball and Choice Band is very helpful.
Gardevoir GX
Since its debut at Worlds 2017 this pokemon has remained the top go to deck for most players. With its ability Secret Spring that lets you attach a fairy energy to any pokemon this makes for great strategical play. Combined with its other half Gallade to take care of the rising Zoroark GX this make it the best choice to deal with the meta. Max Potion has been a great card to be paired with it to heal all the damage and then continue the assault of Infinite Force. Octilery plays a very important role with this pokemon since you go through cards so quickly. Sylveon GX is a great answer to pesky pokemon on the bench and also to set your opponent back a couple turns. Twilight GX is best saved for that late turn come back. Allowing you to put back 10 cards of your choice back into the deck. usually you want to get back your Max potion, Guzma, Double colorless energy and Gallade.
Tapu Lele GX
One of the best support Pokemon we have gotten so far. With the ability Wonder Tag that lets you get a supporter from your deck into your hand this allows for some awesome combos. Being able to get Professor Sycamore, Guzma, N, Bridgette and Skyla come in very useful when needed. Being able to add this pokemon to hand by playing an Ultra Ball make it really easy to play, Tapu Cure GX comes in very handy when you need to heal up 2 of your pokemon from near knock out.