Beginners Deck Building Guide 


In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to construct your very own Pokemon deck. Building your own Pokemon deck is not an easy task, but with these easy steps, you’ll be battling in no time.


Each deck must contain exactly 60 cards, no more, no less. You are allowed to play up to four copies of of any card, excluding basic energy cards. For example, you can play up to four different Pikachu in your deck, but no more than four even if they are from different sets. Each deck is made up of Pokemon cards, trainer cards, and energy cards, and it’s up to you to make all of these cards work together. Below are some helpful tips to make a functioning deck.


Pick a Pokemon or a type of Pokemon to base your deck around. If you choose a Pokemon that evolves, make sure you also include the Pokemon it evolved from. For example, if you want to play 3 Charizards in your deck, make sure you include at least 3 Charmeleon and 3 Charmander. If you choose to play Pokemon that evolve, try not to include more than two evolution chains, as you still want to leave room for trainer cards and energy cards. We recommend having around 15-20 Pokemon in your deck, having more than that will result in drawing too many Pokemon and not trainers or energy cards.


Use trainer cards! It may be tempting to have a whole lot of Pokemon in your deck, but you’re going to want to use a lot of that deck space for your trainer cards. Without trainer cards, you’re going to find yourself struggling to search for cards you need while playing the game. Cards like Ultra Ball and Level Ball allow you to search for Pokemon you may need, while cards like N, Colress, and Professor Sycamore allow you to have a whole new hand. On average, we recommend anywhere from 28-35 trainers in your deck.


Save room for energy cards! Energy cards are absolutely necessary in your deck if you ever want to attack. You need to meet the necessary energy requirement, which is to the left of the attack name, in order to successfully declare that attack. When building your deck, try to limit yourself to no more than two different types of energy, doing so allows you to have the type of energy you need to fulfill an attack cost. We recommend having anywhere from 10-15 energy cards in your deck.


These are the basics to constructing your very own Pokemon deck, below you will find some extra tips on what you can do to improve your deck.


-Tool cards can be used to enhance your Pokemon. Tools like Muscle Band and Fighting Fury belt increase your attacks damage and add more HP to your Pokemon.


-Use special energy cards. You are allowed to play as many basic energy as you like, but are only allowed to play four of any special energy. Special energy cards tend to be more effective than basic, which is why you can only play four. Cards like Double Colorless energy provide two colorless energy at once, and cards like Rainbow Energy provide every energy at the same time, with the downside of doing one damage to the attached Pokemon. Experiment with special energies and find the right mic for your deck.


-Buy supplies! You spent time and money acquiring your cards, so don’t let them get ruined. In order to protect your cards, you will need to buy sleeves for your deck. Not only do they keep your cards nice and clean, but they also allow you to shuffle your deck easily. You will also need damage counters to keep track of how much damage you are doing to your opponents Pokemon and vice versa. These items can easily be acquired with the purchase of an Elite Trainer Box, one of the best Pokemon TCG products you can buy.