Basic Pokemon TCG Rules

In this guide, were going to be going over the basic rules of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. There are three different ways to win a game of Pokemon. The first is to take all six of your prize cards, the second being when your opponent cannot draw a card from their deck, and the third being when your opponent no longer has anymore Pokemon in play. On your turn you may do things such as play down a Pokemon, evolve a Pokemon, play trainer cards, and play energy cards.

To start a game, you’re going to begin by flipping a coin. The winner of the coin flip decides who will be going first. The person who goes first is allowed to play out their turn as normal, but they are not allowed to attack. Next, you must draw a hand of seven cards and place a basic Pokemon face down in your active Pokemon Spot. If you do not have a basic Pokemon in your hand, you must shuffle your hand into your deck until you do find a basic Pokemon within your seven cards. For every time you do this, your opponent is allowed to draw an extra card before the game begins, so make sure you have enough basic Pokemon in your deck! After you have done this, set aside six cards from your deck face down, these will be your prize cards. Whenever you knock out a Pokemon, you will take a prize card. Take all six and you win the game.

To start off your turn, you’re always going to draw a card from your deck to start your turn. You can do up to five actions on your turn;play down a Pokemon on your bench, evolve a Pokemon, play item/supporter cards, attach one energy card, and attack. You have a total of five spaces to bench more Pokemon, and you are able to bench as many as you’d like on your turn. In order to evolve a Pokemon, you must wait one whole turn before you are allowed to evolve. You are allowed to play one supporter per turn and as many item cards as you’d like. Attacking is the very last thing you will be able to do on your turn, so make sure you do everything you’d like to do before declaring an attack. These are just the basics, included in this guide will be a link to the official rule book if you would like to read up on some of the more advanced rules. Now that you have that down, find a friend, grab a deck, and have fun battling!